Kindle Thoughts

Thoughts on my Kindle. Essentially I love it. It’s simplicity, it’s weight. I ordered mine last March and have enjoyed using it ever since. For those people (like me) who have issues holding overly large or heavy books, it is perfect. You can download a book in seconds, read it wherever you are and depending on if the book is eligible, the kindle can read to you. You can play music on it, you can browse google. Also! If you happen to be in the middle of a series and are finished one book, you don’t have to wait to get the next one. Which, I suppose can end up being dangerous if you never stop reading. The screen is amazing in itself. There is no glare and it looks as though you were reading off of a regular page.

Now on to my favorite thing about the Kindle. On Amazon you can self-publish your book for free as an e-book for Kindle. This is something I have not utilized myself yet, but am in the process of doing. Once I have finished editing my book I will self-publish it through Amazon. If ever you have had doubts about getting a Kindle, I would not hesitate to get one. It is well worth having. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love to read actual books, but for convenience sake and overall awesomeness, Kindle is great.


3 thoughts on “Kindle Thoughts

  1. The perfect complement to a book and even before you publish you can convert your work to a pdf and email it and read it on the screen just like a book. I sometimes read other writer friends works before they are published and I found this facility excellent, so much easier than reading on the computer or printing out hundreds of pages.

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