My Journal

This is my lovely journal. I never used to enjoy writing in journals, or writing by hand since typing a story from the beginning seemed so much easier. When I saw this journal I had to buy it. It is a pleasure to write in and has renewed my love for writing by hand. Now I both use my computer and write by hand. The journal is slowly becoming filled with random notes and ideas and it lives next to my bed so it is always within reach if I need to write down anything in a hurry.

Do you prefer writing by hand or typing up your stories? I am always curious to know what other writers prefer!


14 thoughts on “My Journal

  1. I do both – there is always a journal with me (I write too much to use something as beautiful as you – mine are composition books), type directly into the computer, plus, sometimes, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking. None is better than another, though I can tell that my writing is different with each method.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s interesting to know! It really does seem like there are differences in the actual writing itself when writing by hand or on the computer. Thank you for commenting! šŸ™‚

  2. I prefer typing because my handwriting is nearly illegible! What a beautiful journal. May I ask where you bought it?

  3. Journaling has always been a challenge for me- various reasons. I get to going on too quickly and yes, deciphering can be a real problem. Note-taking can be a real challenge if I’m not in the mood. The keyboard is so much quicker. I’m on a diary kick lately though- that’s a beautiful one you’ve got. I love searching the book and paper stores for them.

    I invite you to come by and read my recent entry on diaries.

    I’ve started a new segment for Saturdays where we’ll be diving into journaling. In the last couple of months I’ve taken it up in quite serious fashion- damn the worry of someone reading it (they say many don’t keep journals until they’re finally alone in life, after the spouse and children are not there to covertly browse. Hence, this is how many writers come to success late in life- not a bad deal!)

  4. I used to journal a lot! I spent many hours gazing at beautiful journal books and choosing the right one. Then computers and laptops came, and I find that I do most of my journaling (if I get around to it) on te computer. Kind of a shame because I miss writing by hand, but typing is faster.

    • I can definitely understand that! Most of my writing is done on the computer as well, but I do love to write by hand when I can. Typing sure is faster and more convenient.

  5. That is a beautiful journal, almost too pretty to write in. I use both my computer and a handwritten journal, but tend to use the handwritten one to jot down more intimate stuff. Go figure. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    • Thank you! I probably would never have written in this journal, but then I found out it is refillable! šŸ™‚ Not a problem at all, your blog looks great! I look forward to reading it.

  6. Your journal is beautiful Lea. I used to keep journals while in high school and under-grad but found it tedious to store them. Since I discovered blogging, there was no turning back when it came to writing. I enjoy typing now more than writing by hand although I do occasionally write.

    • Thank you! Typing is definitely awesome. I mainly use the journal for notes or writing when I’m away from the computer. It all ends up being typed up eventually! šŸ™‚

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