How did you begin writing?

Today I found myself thinking back to how I began writing. I have always loved stories thanks to my wonderful parents who always encouraged dreams and imagination. But when I think back to how I began writing, I know exactly when it happened. My sister had been writing beautiful short stories and after reading them, I found myself longing to try writing myself. After writing several short stories I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing a novel. I wrote my first novel at 16 and ignored it for a long time before picking it up again and beginning to edit it. It is now still being edited and I am planning on self publishing it soon. I just found it interested to think back and remember why I started writing.

How about you? Do you remember when it was you discovered your passion for writing?



14 thoughts on “How did you begin writing?

  1. I think my experience was similar to yours. My friends in middle school were all writing stories, and so I tried my hand at it, too, so I could pass my notebook around with the rest of them. Then I just kept on writing.

  2. We had just moved to Virginia from Utah, and I was seven I think. Anyway, Mom was putting out a little newsletter to all our friends out of state and encouraged me to write something for it. I am not sure if a short story about an A-10 military jet was exactly what she had in mind, but what do you expect from a little boy with a book full of fighter plane pictures. Wow that was a while ago.

  3. This is going to sound weird, but I discovered I love to write by writing thank you notes. I always received positive feedback on them. Something like “You write the BEST thank you notes Robin!” I went on to think, “Huh? Maybe I should try writing something else too.” Praise is heady stuff to a writer!

  4. It’s fun to hear about your life as a writer, Lea. Best wishes with that novel!

    About self-publishing, have you visited Kate Policani’s site? Her self-published work is wonderful, and she has done lots of looking into the self-publishing scene/industry:


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