Finding Inspiration

I am pretty sure that every writer at some point fails to find inspiration. I know I have, at least. I’m going to list a few ways I usually find inspiration when I’m completely out. Hopefully some of it is helpful!

1 – Go for a walk – To the park, a forest, a beach or wherever you happen to want to go!

2 – Re-watch a movie you absolutely love, with characters you care about.

3 – Listen to music that makes you dream.

4 – Walk in the rain, dance in the rain, or simply listen to it.

5 – If you hate rain – Bask in the sun.

6 – Re-read a favorite book.

7 – Go to a coffee shop and people-watch. (Not meant to sound creepy.)

8 – Take a nap and while falling asleep, think about your writing/story/characters.

9 – Go outside and take pictures of random things.

10 – Go to a bookstore, be it a used bookstore or a new one. Walk through the aisles and look at the books.

These are all things that help me find inspiration. I don’t know if any of it is at all helpful, but there you have it!

What helps you find inspiration?

6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Inspiration for me comes at the moment when I am just about to fall asleep, thinking about the day’s events, plans and voila! Some thought comes to mind and I feel like jumping out of bed to write it all down…
    Parks help too, smelling flowers and watching the butterflies, the blue sky, the reflction of the clouds on the water…

  2. All of those things (and people-watching is not at all creepy!). I like hammock-lying too. Also, sometimes a nap hits the spot. It’s hard to be inspired when you’re tired!

  3. Great list! I find that long walks, especially walks just at/after dark when the weather is warm and time in the garden (digging, planting, weeding) help me!

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