When do you write?

I tend to write only in the evening and during the day on my days off. I go to work, then I come home and try to spend at least a couple of hours writing everyday. What I would love to do is wake up nice and early and write before work and then after work as well. I am just not a morning person at all. I love the idea of waking up early, I get excited about it the night before, I set my alarm and then when it rings I think, “Nah, I’ll just sleep and wake up early tomorrow.” It’s terrible! I just need some more self-discipline. But who knows how much focus I would even have in the morning.

When do you like to write? Or when can you write?


13 thoughts on “When do you write?

  1. Hi Lea –

    I’m lucky that I work from home, so there’s zero commuting time. I normally work 9.30-7, then write for an hour until my fiancée gets home from work, and sometimes a bit more late at night after she’s gone to bed.

    Once I managed to get up early and write for an hour before work. Once. In a year. It’s not really my thing, getting up early…

    Best of luck!

  2. I’m terrible at getting up early. I’m so bad at it, I won’t even roll out of bed early to do yoga in my room. So, I understand. I usually write at night while my boyfriend is sleeping. Writing at night is great because the rest of the world fades away.

  3. I am definitely in the early morning when no one else is awake or very late at night when no one else is awake categories. I don’t mind writing when my husband is around; he can keep his mouth shut and play video games quietly, but the kids are both under five, and it’s freaking impossible to write with them around. If they’re sufficiently quiet, then it’s because they’re watching tv and the tv is distracting to me. Even if they’re playing in the next room, my Mommy Senses are still on, and I can’t concentrate.

    It is what it is. The kids won’t be tiny and requiring my constant supervision forever.

  4. Most people choose a time of day to write and then stick to it.

    I write after having done a set amount of reading: not too much reading (as that would make our writing cluttered and confused) and not too little (as that would make our writing wordy and bland).

    I write best early in the morning. I write best with a balanced mind—not too empty, not too excited. I usually write while drinking tea. Coffee turns my writing into gibberish.

  5. Most of my writing happens during my lunch breaks and on Wednesday mornings when I go into work about an hour and a half later than I do the rest of the week.

    And my Wednesday writing always happens at my favorite Starbucks 🙂

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