Treasure Island and the Love of Used Books

Treasure Island was a book I adored both for the adventure and the sailing. I love sail ships, so naturally pirate stories have always appealed to me. One of the things I loved the most was the particular copy of Treasure Island I was able to stumble upon and read. I was at a thrift shop and I found it in the children’s section. I was probably about 16 at the time and once I had picked up the book, I knew I could not leave the shop without it. The next thing I fell in love with was that it had an inscription. It said: “To Billy Xmas ’49 From Marion and Paul.”

It fascinated me. Who was this Billy that so many years previous had held that very book in his hands? I bought the book and I loved every minute of it, reading it’s old, yellowing pages. There were even beautiful color illustrations. It was fantastic! From then on I have absolutely adored old and used books. Especially those with inscriptions. It gives an extra bit of character to a book, knowing it has been read by others before.


What are your favorite used books that you have collected?


7 thoughts on “Treasure Island and the Love of Used Books

  1. I have a first edition of ” Gone With the Wind” that I found hidden away in a used book shop years ago. It’s in almost perfect condition and I didn’t realize until later how valuable it is.

  2. Makes me think of my son’s new love for pirates. He’s only 5. So, his interest is Peter Pan and Neverland. But, some day he’ll be ready for Treasure Island.

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