My Book Covers?

So, here are some super rough drafts of what my book cover for Tree of Roses could look like.

Do you like? If so, which of them do you like more?

I know they probably don’t look very good, but I was fiddling around with photos I took. I figured I might as well get some feedback.

Do tell!

Β© Lea Jurock


24 thoughts on “My Book Covers?

  1. I love the lighter one!

    I have been known to commit the crime of judging a book by it’s cover and I would definitely grab that off the shelf!

  2. I like the darker one better…it seems like it could represent a place where a story actually happened…I look at that and I’m wondering what happened there? It’s dramatic and curious and draws me in, and it looks like something you created with purpose while the other one seems more like a cool computer generated design…just my two cents πŸ™‚

  3. The lighter one looks classy but it lacks something. Maybe it needs more a little editing. I think it needs more red roses, roses that are huge and in full bloom to make it more stand out.

    The second one is better. But make the title stand out more. Maybe thicker font like the one on the first picture.

    Good luck on your book. πŸ™‚

  4. I agree with Imelda I like the second one but you need a different color on the font because otherwise it blends with the picture. So, when are you planning on making the book available?

  5. The average person will like the lighter one better because it grabs the eye first…you have to grab the eye of the average person if you want to sell books…I wonder what would happen if you used the lighter color scheme on the second image…..what if you make the grey areas pure white, the words bright red and play around….the branches could be thinner and silvery like the top one or something…

  6. I prefer the second cover. It is much more dramatic. I’m may not be normal, but the lighter one would not grab me. It seems to lack depth somehow. (Not visually but mentally.) It is also possible to put a lighter translucent box to lighten the colors up behind your title if you like the color black. It could be subtle and make a large difference.

  7. Both very nice! I think the second one is too dark to read though – perhaps white text rather than black would make it stand out more? Remember your readers are only going to see a one-inch thumbnail on their Amazon search page. I think you might also want to make the text a little bigger, for the same reason πŸ™‚

  8. I like the bottom one because I can see a tree in there, I like the top one because it is not as dark.
    Can you make the bottom one lighter? Give it more contrast?
    Otherwise they both very unique, nice.

  9. I adore them both (Aren’t I great help?)! Perhaps leaning slightly toward the top one. I’d recommend lightening the bottom option’s title for greater contrast, but they are both beautiful!

    HUGE congrats on the book, by the way! That is no easy feat. I commend you. I’ve written nothing but scribbled journal-like musing of an angsty 20-something. I hope your book has a birthday soon!

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