Character Names

I love coming up with names for my characters. I tend to do it differently with each character. For some, I will simply think of the letter I want it to start with and then keep playing around with it until it sounds good to me. For others, I want the name to mean something specific. For other names I go online and look at names from different countries and mythology. The name always has to match the character I have in my head perfectly. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging before I can find one.

How do you come up with your character names?


2 thoughts on “Character Names

  1. I sometimes have trouble coming up with just the right name for my characters. Often I will look up a word hat fits a quality of my character has in another language and then tweak it a little so it sounds right and will not necessarily be recognizable to someone who knows that language. I also look at my book shelf and remember the names of characters from other books I have read and will mix and match or draw inspiration from them.

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