Movies About Books and Writing

Here are some movies I love that are mostly about books and writing:


Under the Tuscan Sun


84, Charing Cross Road

Shadows in the Sun

You’ve got Mail

Anne of Green Gables (Sullivan Entertainment)


Are there other movies you can recommend that are about books and writing?


6 thoughts on “Movies About Books and Writing

  1. I highly recommend “The Stone Reader” – a documentary about a guy searching for the author of one of his favorite childhood books.

    Other than that, I’ve always liked “Sylvia” (about Sylvia Plath), “Barton Fink” and “The Hours”.

  2. I’ve seen 84, Charing Cross Road, You’ve got Mail and Anne of Green Gables. Will have to hunt down the other films. Two of my favorite movies about writing include Finding Forrester and Dead Poets Society.

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