Writing Dreams

I am sure I am not alone in the fact that sometimes dreams seem so very far off. If I had my way, I would work from home and be able to support myself off of writing. Considering that I have not even published my book yet, that does not seem to be happening soon. Of course I am very fortunate to have a full time job that pays the bills. I write when I get home when I can and on the weekends. Overall things are going very well.

My mom said something to me the other day that really made me smile. She said, “This is just a job that gives you a bit of money, but your real job is writing.”

I fully plan on publishing my first book soon, and I will continue to work on the other stories I have in my head. Everything will work out in the end!Just got to keep writing, writing, writing.

How do you keep yourself encouraged?


9 thoughts on “Writing Dreams

  1. I keep reading things I like, and I go to bookstores often. That really helps me stay inspired for some reason- seeing people wander around the aisles looking at different books makes me want to get my own in print some day 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Incidentally my favourite movie of all time is 84 Charring Cross Road. When I was in London I went to Charring Cross Station 🙂
    As for encouragement, I just remembered yesterday that I write because I want to write – that is my number one purpose. Sometimes I get caught up in worrying if people will like what I write…

  3. Sometimes I just remind myself that I’m writing because that’s what I love to do. Yes, it would be awesome for my book to be a best seller, but I write for myself above all else.

    Also, congratulations on your book! I’m also in the process of self-publishing, so it’s cool to read about others going through the same thing 😀

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