Where do you think of the most ideas?

I was reminded of a quote the other day by Agatha Christie: The best time to plan a book is while you’re doing dishes.

I have been curious enough to try that. I can really see her point! I usually prefer to plan a book as I am falling asleep, though. I think of my ideas as I am drifting off and sometimes more ideas find me through my dreams. I also love going for walks along the beach to think of ideas and find inspiration. The ocean has the amazing ability to calm me right down. All I have to do is sit there, close my eyes and listen to the waves.

Sometimes I daydream during work and I have to quickly stop myself from getting too involved in the story. And sometimes I will just sit and listen to the rain and let the ideas come.

When do you think of the most ideas or plan your writing the most?


13 thoughts on “Where do you think of the most ideas?

  1. I like to walkatate. It’s meditating while walking. There is a 3.5 mile walking trail around a little lake that I go to when I need a little inspiration. One time I needed inspiration and it was pouring down rain…actually it was this last Easter Sunday. I needed to know how to finish a scene so I threw on my north face coat and slogged around the lake in the downpour. By golly, it worked though.
    I do also let my ideas perculate while I’m doing housework. My brain is like a television in the other room and I’ll watch several hundred variations on then same scene as I go, finding the different angles. When I finally write the thing I use all the best parts I envisioned like a giant jigsaw. Though, some great elephants don’t make it through. Save those for other books. That’s just my process. I have to know exactly how I want the scene before I write it down. When it pops into my head just right, that’s when I have to run to my notebook as fast as I can and scribble it down… That’s also how I keep pacing up….That’s my continuing mantra; don’t force it!

  2. My ideas either come while I’m in the shower or on a long car ride. I have three kids, so the shower is often the only place I have enough time to myself to get my thoughts together. I think a lot of my dialoge came from the steamy confines of my bathroom. Book or story ideas usually come while I’m in the car. I have so many things jotted down on the back of an envelope or fast food receipt.

  3. My ideas come to me like a hail storm all the time and I can’t shut it off…a musician friend of mine wrote a song called “random Wilson thoughts” as a tribute because he knows me…a good time is lying in bed before sleep…or for even more pure/ less monitored – censored / more lucid ideas the absolute best time is in the middle of the night right after a bathroom break when you go back to bed and lie down again…you have a few minutes there where all the conditions are perfect for some real lucidity…close your eyes, keep some focus and watch the fireworks fly before you fall back asleep…idea farming at it’s absolute finest…the cream of the crop…you can solve a dozen world’s problems in two minutes….if you have the foresight to focus on an actual problem or idea during that two minutes you will harness the power of the universe through a magnifying glass onto one point…powerful stuff ! Don’t burn yourself lol!

  4. Before I finished reading your places, I thought of walking along the river as my best idea place. When I have the luxury, lying in bed and listening to the rain on the roof also seems to work well. There is something about the sound of water. I think it may be because when there is plenty of water, there is surety of life and at a basic level our worries recede. I experienced very high water when the river flooded behind my home, and when it is too loud, it raises anxiety until you can’t sleep, let alone dream up ideas. But even then it is filled with energy and life.

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