How do you decide what to write next?

Now that I have finished writing my first book and it is going through it’s various stages of editing, I have to either continue to write it’s sequel or write something new altogether. My problem is I can never decide which one I want to write first! I figure that since I am about to publish Tree of Roses, I should probably continue on with it’s sequel. There are always too many story ideas floating around and I want to write them all down at once.

How do you decide what to write next?


20 thoughts on “How do you decide what to write next?

  1. I write whatever book God, and my muse say I should write next. I know which one that is because it is the story that my pen bleeds when I drag it across the paper…y’all can quote me on that when I get famous.
    Teri Butterfly Harvey

      • That’s why I always have 4 books going…almost 5 but I haven’t fully committed to the last one. They’re all in different stages of disarray. I like to keep a schedule going. Monday, I will continue editing the book going out next month. Tuesday, write about wizards. Wednesday, write about aliens. Thursday, Writer’s choice. Friday, back to editing with some light reading. Saturday Sunday are reading days if I can handle it. Of course it’s all tentitive. If all else fails, I write what’s cracking’ right now. I am certainly not very strict.

  2. I always just write what my mind tells me too if it ends up being a part of something else than that’s what it is, if it doesn’t – oh well! : ) Sounds like you’re a much better planner than I am.

  3. I wrote the last book in my series first as a stand alone so when I did nanowrimo, I decided I should write the first book and once it was finished, instead of starting on the second book, I had two different ideas pop into my head and ended up writing both of those first. Sometimes I have to write the current story in my head or I can’t concentrate on what I should be writing.

  4. Firstly congratulations. I think a rest, a good think, a cup of tea and then some ideas on a piece of paper and see which fascinates the most

  5. I know exactly how you feel! It’s impressive to me that you still want to write a sequel after spending so much time on the first book. Maybe I’m just saying that because I spent the last two weeks of my life going through my own book with a fine-toothed comb, and now I don’t want to revisit that world for at least a few months, lol. If you’re psyched about writing a sequel, I say do it!

  6. I’m at a similar stage with my first novel as you. But I’m so lazy I’d rather not write anything more at all. Still, it’s best to have something in the pipeline and since second novels seem to be the most difficult to write, why not opt for the plot that’s clearest in your head, be it a sequel or a new departure? Whatever you decide, very good luck.

  7. I think my muse just tells me which one to write next. I have a million ideas for subsequent books in my sci-fi/crime series (polishing the first book in that series now) but instead of working on book 2 I started a new series (urban fantasy). The idea for my current wip has been in my head for years and I just really wanted to start getting to know the characters. Once this one is written, I’ll probably start on book 2 of my sci-fi/crime series… unless my muse ends up telling me to do something different. 😉

  8. Everyone’s approach seems to make sense, but of course only your own inspiration can direct you. I have written my five manuscripts one per year during NaNoWriMo, and then I spend the rest of the time editing and writing short stories. I highly recommend the short-story diversions when you’re not sure what else to write. Their structure is so tight, it really improves my style when I go back to longer works. And they’re fun!
    Also, if you have your sequel working in your mind, go for it! When I wrote the sequel to my first book, it surprised me in the direction it took, and it completed my world in such a cool way that it gave me a huge new spark and added depth to the edit of the first one while it was still in the works. Now I’m working on finishing the edits, and I plan to pitch them to be published under one cover. Had I waited, I may have tried to publish the first one on its own, and I know it would’ve been weak in comparison.

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  10. Congratulations on reaching the editing stage of your story! I have published two non-fiction books, but am currently working on my first fiction book, a fantasty novel. I got the idea for this book over 12 years ago, and just this past November (during NaNoWriMo) finally started writing the first draft, which I’m still working on… can’t wait to get finished the first draft and get editing!

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