Change In Books

I found an awesome quote in a book I was reading last night. I was reading Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery and  this is what one of the characters said:

“Changes ain’t totally pleasant but they’re excellent things,” said Mr. Harrison philosophically. “Two years is about long enough for things to stay exactly the same. If they stayed put any longer they might grow mossy.”

That got me thinking about different stories and how the characters react to change they cannot control. It made me think of all of the fantasy stories I have ever read and the characters suddenly being thrust into adventures and near death experiences. It fascinates me how different writers capture the reactions of the characters differently. These are the thoughts I drifted off to sleep to. I was wondering how I would react being thrown into an adventure.

How would you react if you were thrown into an adventure of epic proportions?



3 thoughts on “Change In Books

  1. I have thought about that same thing before and am convinced that I could not predict with any accuracy what I would do, as such a situation would be entirely outside my realm of experience. I wish I could say what I would do but I am sure that I can’t.

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