Avocado Pudding

Many years ago I went with my sister to her best friend’s home. There the friend’s mother made this delicious dessert that has stuck with me all of these years. We asked her for the recipe and though I cannot remember it exactly, or even remember the name of the lady who gave it to us, I still make this dessert. Because it is amazing and simple.

Avocado Pudding! Sounds strange, yes?

Don’t mind the awful picture, I was impatient and wanted to start eating.

And no, I did not eat the entire bowl. Though you probably don’t believe me! But hey, I wouldn’t believe me either. Now on the to the recipe! It is not an exact recipe at all as it is really dependent on taste and amount of servings etc. That and I have never bothered to write down an exact recipe and usually make it up as I go. Let’s just say this is a recipe for two servings, shall we?


2 Avocadoes

1-2 Cups of milk (Depends on how blendy your blender is. I had to add more milk because my blender decided to fail me.)

2 Tablespoons of white sugar (Or more if you want it sweeter!)

2-3 Large scoops of vanilla ice cream

Now first you peel and slice the dear avocados and pop them in a blender. Then you add the milk, sugar and ice cream. Then you blend until smooth and deliciously creamy. Keep adding ice cream or milk depending on how the texture turns out. I have not failed at this yet, so basically I’m sure it will turn out great no matter what you do!

Then you must enjoy it! It is a lovely, smooth, creamy, chilled dessert of epic deliciousness.

Go try it!


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