Top Five Favorite Book Villains

We all love a good villain in a book, right? Here are my top 5 villains that I love to hate!

Once again, I will just name the book title and author to avoid any spoilers.

1 -The Death Gate Cycle By: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

2 – The Kingkiller Chronicles By: Patrick Rothfuss

3 – Castaways of the Flying Dutchman By: Brian Jacques

4 – Soulless By: Gail Carriger

5 – Mister Monday By: Garth Nix

What are your favorite villains?


6 thoughts on “Top Five Favorite Book Villains

  1. 1) the tales of the otori by lian hearn
    2) princess of mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
    3) trazan Edgar Rice Burroughs
    4) tinker tailor solider spay by john le carre
    5) the circle series by ted dekker

  2. Richard III, as portrayed in the Shakespeare play of the same name. In particular, the film adaptation with Ian McKellan was amazing – he played Richard wickedly well!
    As for more contemporary books, the villain (of sorts) in The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon springs to mind, actually. Really when I think about it, a lot of the books I read don’t have clear-cut villains. I’d never really noticed until now. Some of the fantasy books I read do, though none of them are really jumping out at me at the moment (though I agree with The Kingkiller Chronicles).

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