Books I Was Unable to Finish

I am pretty sure I am not the only one with a little list of books I was not able to finish reading for one reason or another. I’m not saying that no one should ever read these books. They just weren’t for me.

For me there are usually a couple of reasons I will not finish a book:

– If the book is far too depressing.

– If there is sexual violence in it.

– If I just cannot get absorbed into the story.

– If the story is just too weird.

Here is my list of books I was unable to finish and why:

1 – Poison Study By: Maria V. Snyder – Sexual Violence

2- Sisterhood Everlasting By: Ann Brashares – Too depressing.

3 – Breaking Dawn By: Stephenie Meyer – Way too weird.

4 – Betrayed By: P.C. Cast – Can’t really remember!

5 – Stargazer By: Claudia Gray – It really didn’t hook me.

What books were you unable to finish and why?





16 thoughts on “Books I Was Unable to Finish

  1. Usually I try to finish every book I read. I get quite OCD about leaving books unfinished. But sometimes if there’s a lot of graphic sexual content in the book that can’t just be skipped without skipping on some parts of the story too, I quickly abandon it. On such book is This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

    • I’ve never read Marian Keyes, but I have seen a lot of her books around and I had no idea there was a lot of sexual content in it. Good to know! That can definitely ruin a story.

  2. I like to finish every book I start, but there are some that I don’t feel are worth it. I don’t remember the last book I officially abandoned, but I’m currently taking issue with Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. The person who lent it to me really wants me to read it, but I find the writing too dull. Not sure if I’ll call it quits yet or read it just to satisfy the other person.

  3. I always feel guilty when I don’t finish a book – especially if I paid money for it. I tried reading Game of Thrones and found it a little slow so watched the TV series instead. I also abandoned Wolf Hall as I found it a little bit boring, though so many people have raved about it. Good post!

  4. I tried reading Lolita in Tehran but I couldn’t get past the excerpts in Lolita in the book. I’m pregnant and have to focus on reading positive stories. =)

  5. I just read Sisterhood Everlasting! I know what you mean–my jaw sort of dropped and I thought Ann Brashares was pulling some kind of joke. Such was not the case.

    I finished Breaking Dawn…barely. Took all of my will power! Another where you’re reading going “what the?!” 🙂

  6. The Bible….for basically the same reasons (kidding) ;D
    I am hardly an atheist, or anti-religion in any way…. I just cant seem to get through it, I want to….it just hasnt happened yet….

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