Re-reading Books

I love to re-read my favorite books. Even though I know there a a lot of books I haven’t read just sitting on my bookshelves, waiting for me to pick them up. Sometimes it is nice to curl up with a familiar story and just relax while reading it.

Books I have re-read frequently:

The Historian

The Harry Potter Series

Anne of Green Gables

The Chronicles of Narnia
What are your favorite stories to re-read?


13 thoughts on “Re-reading Books

  1. Another L. M. Montgomery – The Blue Castle; Ender’s Game for me as well; Rumer Godden’s Thursday’s Children, though I don’t reread nearly as much as I did 10 years ago.

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  3. thats true…. I discover new things when I read any of my old books. As if I never had found it the last time I read it. There are a series of marathi books(my mother tongue) which I always like to re-read. Whenever I m upset its the music or these books. U know that goose bump feeling, its that sort of.

  4. My daughter and I are just now reading Anne of Green Gables for homeschool. She is much like Anne, including the red hair, freckles, daydreaming, and chattering. She’s really enjoying the book.

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