Today I Found A Treasure

Today I went to the library and found a small book sale going on. I wandered around, looking at books when my eyes fell upon a beautiful old book with a dark blue binding. When I picked it up, my heart literally skipped a beat. It was an old copy of The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson. I have been searching through used bookstores for a long time in search of something like this. I am so excited!

This is a bit blurry, but the year is 1893.

I am so happy I found this! Have you found any bookish treasures lately?


2 thoughts on “Today I Found A Treasure

  1. Sounds like you were destined to find that book!

    I picked up an old copy of The Arabian Nights from a recycling center. Not valuable, but I really like the illustrations. They were created by Maxfield Parrish, an artist whose work I have always treasured.

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