Dragon’s Den – Night Beacon Lighting

How many of you either take the bus as your main transportation or know people who do? I know from personal experience how difficult it can be taking the bus at night, hoping the bus driver can see you as he passes.

Which is why I think this idea is so brilliant!


This product was pitched on the Dragon’s Den.

Here is a wonderful description of what the product does:

–The Night Beacon is a safety product that reduces the danger zone around rural bus stops. It is designed to signal approaching buses during the hours of darkness in poorly or unlit rural bus routes. It is manually activated by the waiting passenger at the bus stop.

As opposed to other similar products on the market my product is more cost effective, vandal proof, theft proof and weather proof. Gary’s simple design is all that is needed to accomplish the same results as the more expensive units on the market. The Night Beacon significantly reduces the danger zone and increases the efficiency of the service in rural bus routes in the hours of darkness. Aside from the obvious element of darkness, there is glare from oncoming traffic, glare and reflections from inside bus lights and glare from inclement weather conditions. It also reduces driver stress and provides better gas mileage by eliminating unnecessary stops and allowing the bus driver more notice to slow down gradually. The Night Beacon also allows for more efficient service by keeping the buses running on time. Some rural bus stops are also camouflaged with heavy foliage. Along with night conditions, people also dress in dark colors that blend in. Consequently at highway speeds the chances of missing someone completely or seeing them at the last moment, therefore forcing the driver to brake suddenly are substantially increased. This could cause a chain reaction that involves other motorists and/or pedestrians.–

If you take the bus or know anyone who does, vote for The Night Beacon on the Dragon’s Den, now!

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