The Golden Compass By: Philip Pullman

At the great urging of my dear friend Writer Writ- Wrote? I finally read this book. At first I wasn’t able to get very into it, but that changed quite quickly. Soon enough I was swept up in the unfortunate adventures of Lyra. I just finished the book this morning and greatly enjoyed it. I already have the next two lined up and will begin them shortly. Also, I got them all for a buck each at the thrift store. Which totally rocked. So do I recommend this book? I do, I do! If you want to go on a fantastically chilling adventure, read this book.


6 thoughts on “The Golden Compass By: Philip Pullman

  1. I haven’t read the book (which from what I can gather was amazing), but I do remember that god-awful movie that was made about it!

  2. Absolutely loved this book (it was called Northern Lights on this side of the Atlantic) but I found the rest of the series hard to get into. Must try again someday!

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