A Writerly Question

I have a question for all you fellow writers out there. Do you use Writing Software? Something like Scrivener? If you do, what do you use, and is it worth it?



12 thoughts on “A Writerly Question

  1. I have Scrivener and used it for NaNoWriMo. I loved it. There are so many plot-organizing features that help me keep the big picture in mind while writing. There are pluses and minuses to every software, but I think the Scrivener format is fun and helpful.

  2. Just MS Word for stories. Celtx for screenplays. I’ve always found that software that tries to organise my thoughts for me gets in the way, but that’s because I have a weird mind.

  3. I started using Scrivener when it launched in 2007, but I’ve finally decided to walk away from it. The compile process (which is crucial) defeats me. I posted about it recently. I came by to read your post because I’m looking for an alternate to Scrivener.

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