How Camp NaNoWriMo Has Been Going So Far

So far this has been an interesting journey and here is how it has gone so far:

Day One: Wooo! This will be so much fun!

Day Two: I’m still excited. I can do this.

Day Three: Tiiired, but I must write.

Day Four: Really brain? C’mon, you can do better than that. Just a few more words.

Day Five: Must. Keep. Writing. Must not fall asleep at the desk. Yes! Reached my daily total!

Day Six: Man this book sucks. Who would want to read this? I’m so tired. Oh look! A big comfy bed! I’ll just lay there and think for a while. *Pass out – wake up a while later* Yes! Cookies!

That is how it has gone so far. But I have reached 9,987 words of my 50,000 word goal! I can and will do this! How are you all doing?


2012-07-01 19.21.30




10 thoughts on “How Camp NaNoWriMo Has Been Going So Far

  1. I always wonder about the quality/quantity equation in competitions like this. have you done this before? What;s the proportion of usable words you actually get out of the 50K once you do your rigorous editing?

    • Absolutely no idea! I have never done this before. For me, this is more of a way to shoot me back into writing. It is mainly to help me learn how to set aside time to accomplish my writing. In the end I work better with a big main goal to reach.

  2. Good work, you’re doing well! It does get hard to keep it up – I’ve done NaNoWriMo (the one in November) 4 times now and almost every time I go through periods where I struggle to stay motivated and fall hopelessly behind with my word count, but then somehow always bounce back. But I must confess doing it once a year is enough for me – I’ve turned my attention to poetry this month instead.
    Good luck with it – you will get to that 50 000 word count before you know it! 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I have never tried this before and so far I really am enjoying it. I can see why doing this in November would be pretty crazy. We’ll see when the time comes if I participate in that one. Good luck with your poetry! 😀

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