Bookish Feelings

Do you ever read a book that leaves you with a specific feeling? A feeling that no other book can quite replicate? Either a feeling of comfort, mystery, or even a haunting feeling. There are few books I have read that really have their own atmosphere, something almost tangible. Below are the books that instilled these sorts of feelings. The kind of books that even when I think about them now, they still feel the same.

The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova – This book created a sense of mystery and adventure that I haven’t been able to find in any other books.

Murkmere and Ambergate By: Patricia Elliott  – These books are both creepy, haunting, mysterious and beautiful. They are YA books and I have never read anything quite like them.

Anne of Green Gables  By: L.M. Montgomery – Comfortable and happy. This author can write about the beauty of nature like I’ve never seen elsewhere.

Emily of New Moon By: L.M. Montgomery – Sadness and hope.



4 thoughts on “Bookish Feelings

  1. Yessss, i did. that ‘The Chamber’ by John Grisham that i already made a review leaves me a twisted feeling. You could stop by at my review…

  2. Anne of Green Gables, I remember reading those books with my daughter when she was younger – such great books for young girls to read!
    Another good book to ready is “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton 🙂

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