Music for Dreams

I am rather strange when it comes to music. I like most music that can make me dream. Music that I can write to, music that I can be angry to, music that I can just listen to while thinking. This can include Melodic Metal, Rock, Classical or anything that just happens to sound beautiful to me. I don’t often like any screaming in my music and I don’t usually enjoy rap or poppy beats. Most of my favorite bands are from Finland. (Charon, Sonata Arctica, Entwine, Nightwish).

Music for me is a necessity, I can’t often write without it and I am extremely grateful I get to listen to music at work. It makes me far more productive. Music is one of the main things that brought my husband together in the beginning. We loved (and still do) to share all kinds of music with each other. Then I love music that is soft, melodic and just plain epic sounding. (E.S. Posthumus, Enya, Secret Garden.) These are the best for me to write to.  Especially since I am writing Fantasy.

Then I love my angry music, which is also good to write to in certain situations. Breaking Benjamin is one of my favorites for those moods. Love that band. But, my favorite band will still remain Muse. They are just plain awesome. Essentially, I just love music. It blows my mind.

What is your favorite music?


3 thoughts on “Music for Dreams

  1. Although I love music, I don’t love reading about it.

    People who wrote about music are usually trying to show how smart they are. But not you. I know you’re smart just by feeling your love for music which you expressed so well.

    Ever listen to Zero 7? Perfect writing music. Although I adore E.S. Posthumus as well.

    Thanks for sharing,
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