Characters Making Their Own Decisions

When I first started writing my first book, I never really had any idea what to expect. I knew that I had the story outlined in my head and some notes. I knew what my characters were going to be and how they were going to act. Or so I thought! I never realized how little control I can sometimes have over my characters. I think that I know what they will do and then the ideas change as I am writing them. In a way this is awesome, but in another way it makes writing rather confusing at times. I am finding that this is happening in the book I am writing now as well. Overall, I think it makes it a lot more fun to write the unexpected.

Do your characters do what they want?



10 thoughts on “Characters Making Their Own Decisions

  1. God no. I’m like you. I have a solid plan for my characters, whether I’m writing a story or engaging in roleplay. I start writing it out, then all of a sudden, my characters start taking over and they go off into areas I’d never thought about. Sometimes it’s good, so good that my whole body starts to vibrate with excitement. But then again, sometimes it sucks because it wasn’t what I wanted to do and I have to struggle to get back to where I wanted to be.

    I think all writers go through something like this.

  2. My characters rarely if ever do what I want. I recently had one of them decide to kill five others. 😦 It’s a crazy life as a writer! One moment you feel in total control and then you have something throw you off. It gives more life to the character, but it doesn’t make your job easy. I would suggest working on really developing characters well before starting into the book. If you start out not knowing anything about them or where they’re going it can cause character identity issues, definitely making it harder to keep their plot in line. But they’ll still surprise you sometimes.

    • Yes, I usually plan out my characters beforehand. My overall story tends to change as I write as well. Usually for the better because I find out my original idea does not work. πŸ˜›

  3. Sometimes – and it freaks me out! In my latest casebook I feel like my main character is leading the way, and in directions I am not sure are going to work, but I trust her.. so I’m willing to follow for a little while.

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