Favourite Summer Reads

Even though it is most definitely not summer yet. (Here, anyway.) I was thinking this morning about the books I love to read the most in Summer. I know that my absolute favorite book to read in the summer is The Historian. Which I most assuredly plan on reading again soon. It is one of my favorite books anyway, but there is something about reading it in the hot summer with a cup of really strong coffee that just seems magical to me. Other books I will probably want to read are anything from L.M. Montgomery. The way she describes nature and life in her books is fantastic. Then there are always seafaring stories. I love the sea and one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to sail and eventually get my own sailboat. There you have it, some of my favorite summer reading adventures.

What kind of books do you want to read this summer?




8 thoughts on “Favourite Summer Reads

  1. I’d like to tackle most of the Game of Thrones series this summer. They’re so dense, and I tend to spend more time writing than reading. But I suppose we’ll see.

  2. For some reason I like to read a good mystery novel….and maybe a classic or two. Right now I’m reading His Majesty’s Hope (Maggie Hope Mystery #3) and then I’ll start the last Sookie Stackhouse novel….this summer my classic read will probably be A Tale of Two Cities.

  3. Any beachy romance will do, preferably something easy breezy and light! Books that take me to the seashore and beyond are my cuppa tea!

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