Bored and Researching Editing Software

I have been researching Manuscript Editing Software for the last few hours. So far I have found some interesting things! I even tested one out a little bit. I honestly think this might be helpful for me at the moment. Even if all the program ends up helping me with is pointing out certain words and phrases I use way too often.

I have been looking closely at this one and think I may go with it:

I do know that this is no replacement for a real, professional Editor. But until the day I can afford one, I might as well do everything I can to edit my work. For now it shall be beta readers and Editing Software and whatever else I can find.

Have you ever tried Editing Software? What do you think of it?


8 thoughts on “Bored and Researching Editing Software

    • I was worried about that as well. They have a guarantee on the website that they don’t, but I have also been looking up reviews of that particular program and haven’t seen anything that suggests they do that. Who knows!

  1. Lea, I haven’t tried editing software but I’m intrigued. I would still want to use a professional editor, but you would probably save money by having your copy for the editor as clean as possible.

    • Definitely! I tried it out for a bit yesterday and at least found it useful for pointing out certain words I use too much and it also pointed out where I used way too many adverbs. So far it is helpful at least for that. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Lea is wondering whether any one out there can recommend editing software. Now I’m interested too. I wouldn’t expect any software to take the place of a professional (and warm-blooded) editor. However, software might help with making my copy as “clean” as possible before it goes to the editor. Y’all have any thoughts on this?

  3. Not sure how I feel about a program editing my work, sure it’s fine for catching basic grammar stuff but can it help with concept and clarity? You’ll have to let us know how it works!

    • Most likely won’t be useful for too much other than grammar and pointing out words/phrases that are used too much as well as if there are too many adverbs and such. I’ll definitely write another post when I have tried it more! 🙂

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