Back To Blogging – And a Reading Update

Hello, all! I have been busy and/or lazy the last few weeks, but I am planning on getting back to regular posts. I’ve been reading a lot but haven’t finished anything yet. But then I shall have book reviews to post. I’m currently reading The Night Circus By: Erin Morgenstern and The Battle of the Labyrinth By: Rick Riordan. Loving them both so far. Very soon I’m also going to begin rewriting my book (Tree of Roses) from the very beginning and making it so much better. I look forward to sharing the first chapter with you again once I have fixed it up. What have you all been up to? What are your current reads and writing updates?




One thought on “Back To Blogging – And a Reading Update

  1. Writing and reading in the summer has turned out to be much tougher than I thought it would be, there are constant interruptions all day long. But – I’ve got a few great books on my reading list and that does make whatever free time I get pleasant. I’m currently reading “The Fire” by Katherine Neville.

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