Dying Your Hair From Red to Blonde

This is a completely random post and I usually don’t post about my hair. But! Just in case there are other people out there who wish to dye their hair from red to blonde, here is what I did:

Side note: I have very strong hair, so I don’t know if this would work well for everyone.

Step one: I used Nutrisse Bleach. I used about half of it on the first go. My hair turned orange.

Step two: I had to bleach my hair again with the other half of the bottle. It didn’t make that much of a difference, but it lightened it a bit more.

Step three: I then dyed my hair with a Light Ash Blonde hair color. This took away some of the orange, but it was still a bit orange. I’m thinking it was because of the kind I used.

Step four: Because I didn’t want my hair to be orange, I thought I would try Ash Blonde again. This time I tried a different brand. I used Clairol Nice’n Easy #102 Natural Light Ash Blonde.

Now my hair is a nice golden blonde color! My hair is a bit dry from all the bleach and dye, but I’m conditioning it and it is fine.

So just in case anyone wants to go from red to blonde, that’s how I did it. Most people advise to go to the hair dresser, which might be the best for most people. But I ended up only paying about $40 instead of $100-$200 and it turned out well.




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