On Rewriting

I’m sitting here trying to rewrite my book. And because I’m procrastinating, I’m also sitting here writing this post. So far I have rewritten one and a half chapters of my book. There are at least about 24 more chapters to go, and I may add more since the story is changing rather drastically. Overall, this is both fun and extremely irritating. I’m trying to be ruthless with my own work, because I don’t want to settle with something that isn’t my best. Mostly, I’m excited because I know so many things that I want to change that will be better than before. A few of the characters are being recreated, the settings will be described more and better, and I am adding more depth to my villains and protagonists. This is my first experience with rewriting and so far it is rather exhausting. But I’m hoping it will be worth it in the end and either way it will bring me that much closer to my self-publishing goals!

What are some of your experiences with rewriting?



3 thoughts on “On Rewriting

  1. Rewriting works much better when it functions as writing instead of revising. Revising seems to just be a slow and boring process for me but when I think rewriting a novel or piece it seems to work much easier. Thinking of everything as new is much more fascinating. I like the way you’re taking your revision.

  2. For me rewriting can be very satisfying. I spent some time last year editing a 2004 book into a second edition. It came together very well. Whether sales of the new edition will match the original remains to be seen. Fingers crossed!

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