Another Move and the Amazingness of Choices and Timing

My husband and I have been planning on moving in November. The other day I was looking at rental listings and we saw an apartment we liked, so I decided to email the property manager. I told them I knew they wanted to rent it sooner but asked if we could take a look at it. They emailed back and said we could, but I would have to do it that day or as soon as possible. They were very excited to hear from us, as we’ve rented with them before.

Now, the apartment is in the brand new buildings they have been building for the last two years. I work across the street and have seen the progress. So I took a look at it and it was perfect! So my husband and I decided to go for it and try to get it for October 1st instead of November. Today we found out we are going to get it! Out of 5 other interested parties. I’m super excited. It has its own balcony, hardwood floors, a marvelous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a dishwasher (Woo!), a gas fireplace. Also, its directly by the beach. Its just amazing to me that if I hadn’t emailed them the day before yesterday, this wouldn’t be happening.

What are some last minute choices you’ve made that have led to awesome things?


5 thoughts on “Another Move and the Amazingness of Choices and Timing

  1. Pleasure to meet you, Lea. :0) And congratulations on getting the apartment! I couldn’t imagine living by the sea. I have a muddy river nearby [mutters something pathetic and inaudible]. Sounds like a dream place- enjoy it! Good luck finishing up that degree. xo

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