Where Do You Buy Your Books?

I’m all for supporting local bookstores. There is an awesome little book store here in my town. The only problem I have is that I can buy books so much cheaper online. Be it amazon or the book depository (free shipping), it just saves so much money. I try to buy books at the book store when I can, but I also don’t want to spend $30 on a book when I can spend $15. I also often purchase books on my Kindle. It doesn’t replace real books, but it is extremely handy and a lot easier for me to hold when my arm is acting up. I have tendinitis and nerve damage, so my arm can get pretty wonky. Basically, I’m just curious where everyone buys their books!

Where do you buy your books?




6 thoughts on “Where Do You Buy Your Books?

  1. I do both. While I feel bad for people in the bookstore business, I can’t base my decisions on that feeling. I didn’t shun the personal computer just because typewriter manufacturers, repairmen, and suppliers would go out of business. I didn’t keep paying a commission to a travel agent when on-line sites made it possible for me to get the same deal they could get with less time investment than hopping in my car and driving to the agent. Yes, there may be a special nostalgia for bookstores. Anybody who loves reading and / or writing, has fond feelings for a bookstore–but nostalgia don’t pay the rent.

  2. As I live in a non-English speaking country I usually buy mine at chain bookstores, which usually have a small English section. However, when I get a real urge for starting a new book and don’t have time for a bookstore visit, I buy them online for my kindle. As you said, it doesn’t replace the real book feeling, but it has its advantages…

    • I’ve had my Kindle for a few years now and its been great. Especially when you find a book you really want that is so much cheaper than the paperback version. But I also love the feeling of books. I especially love having really old books. 🙂

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