The Process of Moving Books

I both love and hate moving. I’ve moved probably about ten or eleven times in my life and each experience is so different. I hate the packing and the actual physical moving. But the part I love is when I get to unpack all of the boxes and decide where to put everything. Especially with my books. Moving the books is a royal pain, but when I get to unpack them and decide where to put them, that is always great. My favorite part is when I grab a box and don’t remember which books I put inside. Then  I open it and as I grab each book, I get to remember the feeling I had when I first read it. It feels like I’m reliving memories I shared with old friends. Then I put them on the shelf and I just love looking at them. There is a great comfort in owning books that you love and seeing them constantly on your shelves. For me a home can’t be quite as comfortable without my books there.  So far I’ve packed about 11 boxes of books and there are still more to go!

What do you love and hate about moving?




6 thoughts on “The Process of Moving Books

  1. I share your feeling your books make your home feel more comfortable! I have bookshelves in every room of my house and my books are definitely comfort objects for me. I like arranging my books after a move, but the packing and actual moving them isn’t fun. Books are heavy–but they are so worth their weight!

  2. Ah yes I know how you feel, I’ve moved 9 times in my life and am about to move my 10th. The first 4 were in England, but I don’t remember them well as I was young, then the next 5 were in Australia, and now this one is to Sweden. Just the whole process of moving everything, especially my books, cds and dvds, over there is stressful. But I agree, I look forward to being at the other end and unpacking everything! 🙂

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