Writing Outlines


Writer Writ - Wrote?

I’ve been writing an outline for my novel. Previously I hadn’t written one as I was going to allow my characters to take me along for the ride. Yes, I’m aware of how naive this is. I was  sixteen when I started, many romantic notions seemed viable then.

As I’m in the middle of my re-write/revision I thought that getting an outline down would be helpful. Turns out, a lot of what I’ve already written needs to be pushed a lot further back than I had originally intended. Also, I’ve discovered that I have duel plot lines, making my novel far longer than intended. One is going to be prolonged into the second novel.

(In the middle of that last sentence I had an epiphany about the plot and just wrote it down into my notes. I’m very pleased with the connections I just made.)

I keep finding deeper and…

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