No One Like Them

MY super amazing friend. 🙂

Writer Writ - Wrote?

I have two best friends.

One is shy when you meet her. She’s blonde, blue eyed, thin, but awkward. She wont hold your eye contact. She laughs in uncomfortable situations. She’s dainty and fun. She is crazy and creative. She’s logical and artistic. We dont’ get what the other is saying half the time because we say it completely differently. We argue, but we never fight. We mostly talk about university and how desperate we are to finish. We’re complete opposites in almost everything. I would do anything for her. I’ve referred to her in the past as Cindy-Lou. She is amazing.

The other sometimes shares a brain with me. We say the same things at the same time. We laugh at the exact same things that no one else would find funny. Her eyes are a deep, warm brown. Her hair changes colour more often than my shirts. She’s…

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