Across the Universe By: Beth Revis – A Partial Review

I have seen a lot of really great reviews about this book and it looked really interesting. I was extremely hopeful as this book is YA Sci Fi. I picked this book up at the bookstore and I started reading it and it was really interesting. A strange cast of characters, a spaceship, lies and craziness. But here’s the thing. I read a lot of YA novels because I don’t enjoy reading certain things. Well, there is really one main thing I don’t enjoy reading about and that is sexual assault. I can’t stand it in books. Its one thing if it is mentioned, but it is another thing when they actual begin describing it.

Granted, I did not keep reading long enough to find out if it went into a lot of detail, or how far it went. But I read enough to know that I had to stop reading. Now, I already thought the whole “Season” thing was really weird, but then the assault followed and that was it for me. It is a shame because the story was really interesting. But for me, reading that is an instant deal breaker and basically ensures I will never read her work again. Now, this is purely opinion, but it is how I feel about it.

There you have it. That is also the reason I’m wary about a lot of Adult Fantasy. I love Fantasy, I love SciFi, but I can never be sure when this kind of thing will pop up. So if anyone has any recommendations for Fantasy or SciFi that contains no sexual assault, throw the recommendations my way!


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