Book Problems – Need Recommendations!

Lately I have been having problems finding the right books to read. I need a book that will draw me in and not let go. I’ve read some good books lately, but nothing that was spectacular. Basically, my favorite book is The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova. For me it was practically perfect. It had adventure, mystery, fantasy elements and a love story that wasn’t all about infatuation and passion. It was a love story that developed naturally and was just splendid. Best of all, this book didn’t have anything over the top gruesome, nor did it have any sexual assault or anything like that. If there are any books you can think of that are similar to the Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova, or some sort of literary thriller or something along those lines, that isn’t terribly gruesome, throw the recommendations my way!



6 thoughts on “Book Problems – Need Recommendations!

  1. Have you read The Swan Thieves by Kostova? I thought it was good. And I just read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It’s a crime/mystery/suspense novel. I couldn’t put it down.

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