Gwen & Kate’s Ginormous YA Fiction Recommendations Flowchart!

Awesome flowchart!

Gwen & Kate's Library

In celebration of my (Gwen’s) birthday, and a special request from best friend Lydia, Gwen & Kate’s Library presents Gwen & Kate’s Young Adult Fiction Recommendations Flowchart!

This flowchart covers all of our favorite young adult genres (some more loved than others, as shown by the amount in those categories), organized with a main genre at the top (e.g. Classics, Fantasy, Historical), then with smaller sub-genres as you go down (e.g. Paranormal, Time Travel, Renaissance). Under each main genre the sub-genres are ordered purposefully, for example under Fairy Tales they are in order by how common the tale is, and under Historical they are in loose chronological order. Under each sub-genre they are ordered either starting with our favorite book, or the one that best fits the sub-genre label. Many books also have additional smaller arrows pointing to them with other sub-genres. This is done if the book fits into…

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