Welcoming the Kindle Fire

I love books. I’ve always loved books. I also love e-books. I adore having copies of old books and copies of new books, but the overall convenience and simplicity of an e-book is fantastic. Not to mention, I have issues with my left hand and arm (tendinitis/nerve damage), so holding a Kindle is much easier. Anyway! I already have an older Kindle, but I kept seeing the Kindle Fire advertised. I finally splurged and I’m so glad I did. The screen is fantastic and now I can see all of the lovely book covers and illustrations in wonderful color. I really enjoy it. Not to mention I can watch Netflix on it while in bed. I know a lot of people are against e-books, but in the end, I want the story. I want to experience the words and the characters. Do I love actual books? Absolutely! But I see nothing wrong with e-books and will continue to be a happy purchaser of both physical books and e-books. The point is…the Kindle Fire is awesome.



One thought on “Welcoming the Kindle Fire

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