The Blue Castle By: L.M. Montgomery

I just finished this book and an amazed. I’ve always been a fan of her writing, but hadn’t yet read this book. I’m so glad I did. It was clear from the beginning that this story was different than her others. The style was the same and it was wonderful, but it was different. The story itself felt more adult, but it was no less magical. I love Valancy’s character and the way L.M. Montgomery describes nature is always beautiful to read. This book left me feeling happy and satisfied. If you’ve read her other books, read this one. It was lovely.


6 thoughts on “The Blue Castle By: L.M. Montgomery

  1. Sometimes, it’s the short review that is the most intriguing. After reading your words, I moseyed on over to Amazon. There’s something about this book. The time in which it was written? The unusual format? The storyline itself? I don’t know. I dislike reading ‘love stories’, but something tells me this one is not your typical fare. Dare I move from my comfort zone? I’ll put it my cart, and mull it over a while.

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