The Iron King/The Iron Daughter By: Julie Kagawa

Here is a double review because I forgot to write one when I finished the Iron King! Now then, it has been a while since I’ve read any books about fey, but I’m really glad I picked these up. I’m already a fan of Julie Kagawa after reading the The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure. The Iron King and the Iron Daughter are book one and two of the Iron Fey series. So far I’m really enjoying this series. They are definitely action-packed and full of suspense. The settings are beautiful and the characters are both awesome and infuriating. I’ve definitely been swept up in the story and am currently reading the third book, the Iron Queen. Julie Kagawa has an ability to make her books dark and gritty without going overboard. These definitely aren’t happy, friendly fey! Overall, I am really enjoying this series and am going to continue it. I’m pretty much going to read anything Julie Kagawa writes at this point, ’cause she hasn’t failed me yet. If you want action, suspense, YA fantasy, and romance, you should enjoy these.




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