Dark Triumph By: Robin LaFevers

Yes, I’m still reading! I’ve actually been reading all of the Inuyasha manga series, so that’s where I’ve mostly been. There are 56 of them, I’m on 35, so…there you have it! I did, however, read Dark Triumph in between those. This is the second in the His Fair Assassin series. I do believe I enjoyed this one more than the first one. Though the subject matter was darker, I enjoyed the character of Sybella more than Ismae. Sybella showed a true strength of character and instead of letting her terrible past control her life, she took strength from it and used her strengths to help others. The story was fast paced, there were characters I loved and characters I truly, truly hated. I read this book in two sittings and it was definitely exciting! All in all, a good read. I’m looking forward to the third book, Mortal Heart, coming out in November. I recommend this for those who like darker YA Fantasy.

Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin Trilogy)


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