The Alkaline Cure By: Dr. Stephan Domenig

Now don’t be alarmed by the title. I don’t necessarily believe in a cure-all. Anyway, I picked this book up because I have gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining due to excess acid. Its pretty much chronic, due to stress, yay! Either way, I knew that I’m supposed to go on a more alkaline diet and cut out a lot of acidic food and drink. The worst being coffee, caffeine of any kind and alcohol. I don’t drink alcohol anyway, but the coffee part is difficult. I’m on day 4! Anyway, this book was actually a really good read. I read it in a couple of sittings and found it to be quite informative. The main things it focuses on are having a balanced diet and to take your time eating food. The faster we gulp down our food, the more work it is for the stomach. It also provided a 14 day diet, which I might do down the road, but the ingredients are too expensive to buy all at once. It did provide great tips and I now have the recipes handy for when I need them. It also includes PH testing strips to test your acidity level. Apparently the PH level should be as close to 7 as possible, the lower it is from 7, the more acidity there is. I was 6.2, so I have some work to do. Woo! Anyway, if you are into healthy things, this book is well worth the read and helps point out which foods are good and which to avoid.



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