GoFundMe: Attempting a Campaign

I haven’t been on my blog a lot lately, ’cause there has been a lot going on! Lost my job, and got a new one, even though its only part time right now. So due to necessity, I’ve started a gofundme campaign. Below is our story that I posted on the campaign. šŸ™‚



Normally, I would never do anything like this, I feel there are a lot of people in the world that suffer, and I would hate to take this chance away from anyone, but in the last few months, our financial situation has gotten worse and worse. Recently, my husband was diagnosed with PTSD, Generalized anxiety disorder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generalized_anxiety_disorder and Agoraphobia and hasn’t been able to work. He is going to do his best and try to find work anyway, but so far there hasn’t been any luck and we are waiting for him to be able to go on disability because he is still being sponsored for immigration and it is making the process incredibly difficult. I recently lost my job and I found a new job, but it is only part time right now and I am unable to find another job currently.

Due to dental bills, etc, we have accumulated almost $11,000 in debt, which only adds to the problem. We adopted a 7 year old cat from a very neglectful home and had to pay for vet bills, including two abscessed teeth as the previous owners had not taken him to the vet for over 6 years. We are already cutting out uneccessary things, including internet (my sister paid for one month, November), so we’ll just be down to the bare basics we need, however, I still won’t be making enough from my job to make it work with rent, etc. We are only going to be making rent this month by completely maxing out our credit cards. We basically just need help for the next two or so months until we can get everything sorted out. I hate having to ask for handouts, but any help would be appreciated.
Thank you very much for every bit of help, even just well wishes and prayers.


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