Music that Makes You Dream

When it comes to music, I need music that can make me dream just by listening to it. I need music that fuels my imagination. Sometimes, that means I can be incredibly picky. Also, it means I love some really random stuff and a lot of it is rather sad. No idea why I prefer that, but I do. I have different music for every book I write as well, some with singing, some just instrumental, but it all suits certain characters, settings, or scenes. Music is an insanely important part of my life, especially since my husband and I really started to get to know each other by sharing music. First song we ever shared: My Selene By: Sonata Arctica, which is a beautiful and wonderful song.

I have music I listen to depending on my mood, or what I’m doing. Since my husband bought me new speakers for Christmas, I’m really enjoying myself. I just felt like writing a post about the awesomeness that is music. Here are some random bands/musicians, whose music will always make me dream. I even got some book ideas just by listening to some of their songs.

Sonata Arctica

Breaking Benjamin



E.S. Posthumus

Secret Garden

Poets of the Fall






For My Pain



What is some of your favorite music and why?






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