Why Do You Read?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit today. Why do we read? I read because I absolutely love it. I love that you can escape into different worlds and lives. I love that there is no limit to the imagination in the written word. I read anything that strikes my fancy. I don’t read to seem intelligent or to dissect the writing/writer. To me, the important part is the story. If I find it interesting, I love it. If I don’t enjoy a book or there is content I don’t appreciate, I stop reading the book. I no longer waste my time with negative reviews, because I just want to focus on the enjoyment of reading. Reading is an experience, and I always want it to be a good one. Essentially, I think books are magic. I also love stories in different forms. Music, movies, video games. I really just need stories all the time.

Why do you read?




One thought on “Why Do You Read?

  1. I read because it’s fun. 🙂 Some people like to paint, go clubbing, listen to/play music… those are their hobbies, but reading is mine. I don’t think I can survive without books in my life; they’ve become an essential part of me that I could never part with.

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