The Quick By: Lauren Owen

What to say about this book? I had seen it a few times, but always passed it by because I didn’t realize what it was actually about. Then I saw that it was comparable to The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova and I got extremely excited, because that is basically my favorite book. I also noticed that the reviews are extremely mixed. It looks like people either love it or hate it. Luckily, I loved it. I adore books like this. Stories so wonderfully told that you just get swept up in the writing itself, the descriptions, the characters, the settings. This book was frightening, creepy, and rather tragic, but it was also hopeful in a way. Everything about it was fabulous, a great gothic story. This lovely book must be read with large cups of tea.It helped me forget about the stifling heat of summer, which was a big plus because I am really not a fan of summer. So this book was everything I needed it to be and at the right time, as strange as it sounds. But essentially, if you’re looking for a very well-written gothic story that is creepy and wonderful, look no further!



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