Books in Progress

On this page I will reveal a little bit about the novels I am currently working on.

My current main focus is Raincrowe, a YA Gothic/Fantasy/Romance.


Near the Distant Forest lies the town of Darkness, tucked away and hidden by the looming trees. Trevelyan Hale arrives in the town of Darkness only to fall in love with a girl who cannot give him her heart, as it is no longer hers to give. This is a story of love, loss, and the lives surrounding Raincrowe Manor, a house that sits on a hill surrounded by shadows and a tragic family curse. 

©Lea Jurock


Tree of Roses is the first book I am writing in a Fantasy trilogy.

Tree of Roses: Book One – Now under reconstruction!

The land of Vedrunthus is a stranger place than Natiir Xylus ever thought. When he locates the warship he has been searching for, he finds himself on a journey that he never expected. Drawn into a series of odd events with a group of even odder strangers, he discovers Queen Ostayla’s evil plot and rather more villainous personages than he would like. Soon enough, he realizes he cannot keep his secret any longer and the journey takes him to places he never thought he would need to go with people he cannot seem to get rid of.

©Lea Jurock

This book is currently undergoing copious amounts of editing and rewriting. Coming soon!


Eyes of Sun and Moon

Their world is dying, the light of the sun is dwindling, casting the world into shadow.  All that they have left is the old story, the one that tells of the girl with eyes of sun and moon. She holds the key to the world’s survival. Zenon has been sent from his dying world to Earth in order to find her. But he is not the only one and the others who are trying to find her wish her dead. Can he find her and bring her back before they do?

©Lea Jurock


8 thoughts on “Books in Progress

  1. The book I am currently working on myself is the first book in a fantasy trilogy, and it also features a large ship… yours sounds interesting… looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks for liking my post Breathing Space. I’m also a writer. I’m very interested in your book teasers and will stay tuned to find out more. I’ve only been posting my short-story collection excerpts, Essence Churning, but I’ve written fantasy novels too. Editing is definitely the challenge! Almost done with two at last!

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