Our New Fish – Koray

My husband and I have been wanting a pet for a while. But we live in an apartment, so they aren’t allowed. Except for fish! So we decided to get one. His name is Koray, which means “Ember Moon”. I found it quite fitting because of his coloring. The following pictures totally suck, because he is a speedy little bugger.  Either way, here he is!


2014-02-23 14.43.52


2014-02-23 14.43.43


2014-02-23 14.45.12


2014-02-23 14.44.21

I’m Still Here!

Hello all! Sorry for the major absence. I have been going through some stuff but am hoping to be back and blogging regularly soon. I also haven’t been reading much, which is insanely shocking for me. I will be returning to that as well! But for now, know that I am still here and I hope everyone is doing well!


We Have Moved!

We did it! We are now in our new apartment! The move went really smoothly and I met some of our neighbors. They have all been very welcoming and friendly. I’m incredibly sore, but we are making progress with the unpacking. My husband has been amazing and super helpful with everything. There shall be more updates soon! Maybe I’ll take a few pictures of the insanity that is my book shelves. Then I can start planning for the upcoming NaNoWriMo! November is getting closer!

And the Packing Continues…

We’re mostly packed! We move on October 6th, so we still have a week left. I miss the presence of my books on their shelves, though. Oh well, I have my handydandy Kindle and I have plenty of books on it that I can read. Just finished packing the majority of our clothes that we won’t need until we move. Now I kind of just want to get the move over with. Since we’re moving into an apartment, we might have a bit of a hassle find a place to park the truck. Then we might have to walk a ways to get to the elevator and so on. Oh well! I will be worth it!


The Process of Moving Books

I both love and hate moving. I’ve moved probably about ten or eleven times in my life and each experience is so different. I hate the packing and the actual physical moving. But the part I love is when I get to unpack all of the boxes and decide where to put everything. Especially with my books. Moving the books is a royal pain, but when I get to unpack them and decide where to put them, that is always great. My favorite part is when I grab a box and don’t remember which books I put inside. Then  I open it and as I grab each book, I get to remember the feeling I had when I first read it. It feels like I’m reliving memories I shared with old friends. Then I put them on the shelf and I just love looking at them. There is a great comfort in owning books that you love and seeing them constantly on your shelves. For me a home can’t be quite as comfortable without my books there.  So far I’ve packed about 11 boxes of books and there are still more to go!

What do you love and hate about moving?



Another Move and the Amazingness of Choices and Timing

My husband and I have been planning on moving in November. The other day I was looking at rental listings and we saw an apartment we liked, so I decided to email the property manager. I told them I knew they wanted to rent it sooner but asked if we could take a look at it. They emailed back and said we could, but I would have to do it that day or as soon as possible. They were very excited to hear from us, as we’ve rented with them before.

Now, the apartment is in the brand new buildings they have been building for the last two years. I work across the street and have seen the progress. So I took a look at it and it was perfect! So my husband and I decided to go for it and try to get it for October 1st instead of November. Today we found out we are going to get it! Out of 5 other interested parties. I’m super excited. It has its own balcony, hardwood floors, a marvelous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a dishwasher (Woo!), a gas fireplace. Also, its directly by the beach. Its just amazing to me that if I hadn’t emailed them the day before yesterday, this wouldn’t be happening.

What are some last minute choices you’ve made that have led to awesome things?

Dying Your Hair From Red to Blonde

This is a completely random post and I usually don’t post about my hair. But! Just in case there are other people out there who wish to dye their hair from red to blonde, here is what I did:

Side note: I have very strong hair, so I don’t know if this would work well for everyone.

Step one: I used Nutrisse Bleach. I used about half of it on the first go. My hair turned orange.

Step two: I had to bleach my hair again with the other half of the bottle. It didn’t make that much of a difference, but it lightened it a bit more.

Step three: I then dyed my hair with a Light Ash Blonde hair color. This took away some of the orange, but it was still a bit orange. I’m thinking it was because of the kind I used.

Step four: Because I didn’t want my hair to be orange, I thought I would try Ash Blonde again. This time I tried a different brand. I used Clairol Nice’n Easy #102 Natural Light Ash Blonde.

Now my hair is a nice golden blonde color! My hair is a bit dry from all the bleach and dye, but I’m conditioning it and it is fine.

So just in case anyone wants to go from red to blonde, that’s how I did it. Most people advise to go to the hair dresser, which might be the best for most people. But I ended up only paying about $40 instead of $100-$200 and it turned out well.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

So I watched this movie yesterday. I actually quite enjoyed it. Even though there were some changes from the book, it was a good movie. It was also better than the first one. I was happy with the actor they chose to replace Pierce Brosnan, as well. If you liked The Lightening Thief, you should definitely like this one. I hope they make the third one as well!

How Tendinitis Ruined My Camp NaNoWriMo

So there I was, writing happily. And there was the tendinitis, remaining pleasantly dormant. Until today, when it hit me so hard I could barely even hold a cup in my hand. Seeing as how I have to type all day at work, I decided to set Camp NaNoWriMo aside. Does it suck? It really does. But I am sitting here typing with one hand. Yay excuses!

At the very least, I wrote more in 16 days than I have in over a year. I wrote: 27,537. And! I know that I am capable of writing 50,000 words in a month mentally if not physically. I have suffered from severe tendinitis in my left arm and hand for years now, including a bit of nerve damage in my elbow on the same arm. Essentially, according to the doctor, any repetitive movement is bad. And typing is bad. But my job involves typing, so I type! I just need to go to physiotherapy. Which I will do soon, once the pain lessens! Yay whining!

Either way, now you all know my epic fail. My hope is that everyone else participating wins just as epically. Good luck, people!