A Post of Awesome Doggies

Here I will post a few pictures my family and I have taken of my doggies. They are both now gone, but I will always remember and love them as the best and most adorable dogs ever.

It all started about 10 years ago when we decided we wanted one small dog. We searched the SPCA for the right little dog, but there weren’t any little dogs that caught our eye. We were searching and searching when we saw one dog named Jerome. We went to visit him and fell in love. We had to visit him a few times before they let us take him, because they wanted to make sure he went to the right home. We were so happy when we were able to take him home.

Jerome when we first got him. His dopey grin says it all. He was the sweetest dog and had an undying love for food.

Shortly after getting him we decided we should get him a friend. My family went to another SPCA and were looking at dogs. Bailey was the last dog they saw and they took her for a little walk. During the walk, she made her way over to the car and sat down. She chose us.

This is Bailey, the most crazy, loyal and loving dog:

When they first met, they sniffed each other happily and became instant friends:

They clearly both adored the couch:

These two dogs were always there, always adorable, always loving. They both had epic ears. Look at the ears:

Here is Jerome as a squirrel:

Here is Bailey being a guard doggy:

Essentially I just wanted to share the awesomeness of my doggies. They were both the most amazing friends and I miss them terribly. I will always remember them and love them. They are family.